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GPRS personnel tracking

GeoC PT is a reliable and low-profile GSM/GPRS tracking device. It has accomplished thousand of operating hours under the most demanding conditions.


The PT can be used for personnel, vehicle or asset tracking.

Real-time tracking

Reliable and field-tested

The PT device sends configurable location updates securely to your Ops Room or authorized Pro app users. The PT can be configured remotely to meet different tracking scenarios.

The PT device supports additional features such as Man-Down or Parking (asset protection).

Emergency and alert notification system

Stay informed about relevant events

Your Ops Room personnel automatically receives notifications about relevant or critical events such as emergencies, geofencing, speeding or journey progress.


Notifications can be reviewed and located on the map.

Core phone functionality

Get in touch with your workforce if required

The PT device offers core phone functionality. Up to four numbers can be pre-configured and stored on the device. Additionally, incoming calls can be restricted allowing only relevant personnel to be able to call the device.


Location reports and other device data (GPS, status, network, battery, etc.) can be sent periodically to other phones for quick updating.



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