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Reliable online and offline mapping

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Online and offline maps for your

headquarter or mobile workforce

GeoCompanion provides reliable mission-critical mapping for Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan and Yemen. Other country maps can be provided upon request.

Mission-critical maps are stored on the device in all zoom-levels (no Internet connection required).


Mapping data is provided by LeadDog Consulting LLC. Please see here for more details, accuracy, level of coverage and recency of the maps.

Offline mapping for iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini

Entire country maps stored on your devices

Your project requires up-to-date satellite imagery?

You require weekly updates to monitor the work progress of you project?

You require up-to-date imagery for customer presentations of site surveys?


Use our on-demand service to request updated imagery for your area of interest. The imagery will be fitted into your system and is instantly available for all Ops Room and GeoC Pro user. Additionally we can provide high-quality print-outs (A0) for your offices.

On-demand satellite imagery

Up-to-date imagery for professional use

All assets and geographical information is displayed on high-quality satellite imagery. Different map styles such as daylight maps or night maps can be configured. Additionally terrain and street-level maps are available.


Ops Room and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPad Mini have access to the same online maps and map overlays. Overlays can be easily configured by the customer and placed into the system with a few clicks.

Online mapping for browsers and iOS devices

High-quality satellite, terrain and street-level imagery


GeoC Maps

Product Brochure - 12/2014 - 150 DPI - 3.6 MB

GeoCompanion provides offline and online mapping  for static or mobile personnel. Our mission-critical offline maps are in use by international organizations global corporations, governments and business travelers.

As a service to our customers, we provide on-demand satellite imagery for specific areas of interest, even HD satellite videos to monitor over a specific time period changes, progress or other events.



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