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GeoC Pro

A unique tool tailored to the requirements of companies and

organizations operating in difficult and hostile environments

The GeoC Pro app is available for enterprise customers with valid Apple Developer Enterprise accounts. The Pro app is an unparalleled tool offering offline and online mapping, tracking, real-time monitoring, GPS tools, GIS interface, real-time messaging, emergency and alert notifications. Further, it enables you  to operate a corporate geographical database.
The intelligent synchronization process allows all in-field users to share a common operational picture, communicate with other in-field users and your Ops Room and exchange geographical information in real-time.

Tracking and monitoring

Real-time tracking and monitoring on iPhone and iPad

The Pro app supports real-time and motion-based tracking. Since all users share a common operational picture, users are able to monitor their teams or assets from an iPhone or iPad in real-time. In-field teams can coordinate movements and anticipate critical situations.


The motion-based background tracking allows Pro users to use the other features of their device without interrupting the tracking feature.

Online and offline mapping

High-quality imagery and mission critical maps for offline use

Pro app users have access to the same digital satellite imagery as Ops Room users. The imagery is intelligently cached on the devices and allows offline use.


Furthermore, Pro app users have access to mission critical offline maps. The country maps are stored in all zoom levels on the device. They can be use without Internet connection. At present, mission-critical country maps for Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Nigeria and Yemen are available. Maps of other countries upon request.

Multi-user messaging

Rapid messaging and information exchange system

One geographical database

Create and share in real-time geographical information

Pro app users can create, edit and exchange geographical information such as waypoints, areas, routes, map overlays in real-time with other Pro app users and the Ops Room. An intelligent mechanism updates automatically the information on all devices.

For special use cases such as emergency or evacuation planning, route safety overlays or site security, the Pro app offers unique possibilities. Information can be prepared and stored on all devices, and displayed when it becomes relevant.

Journey management

Easy and convenient way to create journey records and tasks

Pro app users can create journey records with tasks, locations, dates, routes, other team members or clients and automatically synchronize the data with your GeoC server. The information is instantly available for authorized Ops Room Pro app users.


A journey management form - tailored to your corporate CI - can be saved or printed out.

Emergency and alert notifications

Tools for critical requirements

The Pro app supports emergency notifications, which can be send to other Pro app users and to the Ops Room. At the same time, an email including all relevant data about the emergency will be delivered to specified recipients. The real-time operational picture allows the Ops Room and other close-by Pro app users to react to the incident. Other notifications such as geofencing, speeding, status, etc. will be delivered to relevant personnel allowing pro-active measures, if required.


Pro App

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