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In-Vehicle Information System

The vehicle information system allows your organization to track, monitor and manage your vehicle fleet.

HSE requirements such as driving behavior and vehicle telematics can be monitored remotely.

Real-time tracking

Reliable and field-tested

The OBDII plug sends configurable location updates securely to your Ops Room or authorized Pro app users. The device can be configured remotely to meet different tracking scenarios. In the case of GPRS interruption the device stores all tracking data until the GPRS service is available again.

Global monitoring

Monitoring your vehicle fleet

All vehicles can be monitored through the Ops Room software. A user interface allows you to configure vehicles and drivers. Driving behavior can be analyzed automatically by the system and reports can be delivered to specified email recipients on a weekly, daily or monthly basis.


Ready to meet HSE requirements

The OBDII plug is fully compliant with most HSE requirements such as green driving, driver identification, reporting, speeding, fuel status and other vehicle information.


The small OBDII plug does not require any hard-wiring and therefor saves time and initial investment costs.



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