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Services and Support

Additional value for your business operations

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GeoCompanion understands the risks and challenges of

international corporations operating in difficult countries.

We answer any inquiry, technical question or application support within a business day.

We can task satellites to acquire up-to-date satellite imagery of your specific areas of interest.

Upon request we can create printed or digital maps.

24/7 technical and applications support

On-demand satellite imagery

On-demand GIS services

We can provide tailored solution which are adopted to your requirements, work-flow or corporate identity.

We provide fall-back monitoring services for 24 hs or 24/7 constant monitoring and system handling.

We provide turnkey solutions. We do in-country system setup, installation and training.

Software customization and development

Monitoring services

Installation and training

We can integrate existing hardware into the GeoC platform to reduce initial investment costs.

Together with our customers we identify the most suitable solution that meets all requirements.

We have partners or customers in most critical countries  and can support you in identifying a suitable security partner.

Hardware integration

Consultancy services

Enabling business operations

Interested in our services. Please contact your GeoC project manager or use our contact form.



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