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Ops Room

Secure C4i platform

  • Organizations are enabled to monitor and communicate with all GeoC cellular, satellite or hybrid tracking components allowing global tracking of your workforce, teams, clients, vehicles or assets.
  • Users can directly access the mapping, geographical database, messaging, journey management, tracking history, and alert notifications.
  • Situation updates and geographical information can easily be reviewed, updated and transfered to your users' devices in only a few seconds and without any further interaction.
  • The Ops Room application provides a detailed picture of your global operations allowing management, coordination and rapid response in case of critical incidents.

Global monitoring

Keep track of your global workforce

The Ops Room software allows your organization to monitor your workforce and high-value assets from a stationary or mobile location using a web-browser.


The system can be configured to restrict the visibility of assets according to your organizational structure. The Ops room provides security personnel a detailed and real-time picture of the current status of all assets, allowing your personnel to pro-actively react to upcoming situations.

High-quality digital satellite, terrain and street-level imagery

Unique mapping capabilities

The Ops Room software offers high-quality imagery in customizable designs (day map, night map, terrain map, etc.).


Upon request GeoCompanion provides up-to-date satellite imagery, which can be integrated with a few clicks into your GeoC platform.

Multi-user messaging system

Stay in touch with your workforce and keep them up-to-date

The Ops Room software is capable of sending and receiving messages in real-time from all hardware components of the GeoC platform.


Users are enabled to send messages, news, situational updates, status reports or any other type of text message.

Geographical information system

Create and share geographical information

The Ops Room software is fully integrated into the geo database of your system. You can create waypoints, areas or lines, which will instantly pop-up on the user devices. All users of a project share the same geo database.


The advantage of the geo database is that your organization will no longer  require isolated GIS programs to administer your geographical data.

Notification system

Stay informed about relevant events

Your Ops Room personnel automatically receives notifications about relevant or critical events such as emergencies, geofencing, speeding or journey progress.


Notifications can be reviewed and located on the map.

Journey management

Unique journey management system

With the GeoC platform users can plan detailed journey, with locations, taks, team members, vehicles, location-based information and generate printable reports.


Forms or reports such as the client Meet & Greet Form can be transmitted to automatically via email to specific recipients.

Ops Room

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