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International Security Providers

Due to our extensive experience working with security providers we understand their business and requirements. We have developed tools to support their daily tasks, travels and other business-related services.


We provide the following services to our customers:


  • GSM/GPRS and Iridium satellite tracking
  • Monitoring of personnel and assets via mobile applications or a web-based Ops Room application
  • Up-to-date satellite imagery for mobile apps and the Ops Room application (on-demand areas of interest)
  • Mission-critical maps for mobile apps and web-based Ops Room
  • Secure journey management with task, team composition, clients, vehicles, contact details and automatic email reporting (Meet & Greet, journey reports, accounting)
  • Geographical database, geographical overlays, spot system
  • Geofencing and speeding
  • Real-time synchronization of geographical database on all user devices