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Risk & Security Management Tools


Monitoring, Tracking, Mapping, Geographical Information System


Collaborative tools to exchange vital information at anytime, from anywhere and whenever necessary.

Global Corporations

Security Providers

Business Travelers

Main Advantages

Secure dedicated server system

We build dedicated and secure server systems for our customers with a guaranteed availability of 99.995%. All our server systems are hosted and maintained in Germany.

No server or system is shared with other customers.

Up-to-date technology

Our software platform is permanently updated to keep pace with technological software developments. Our iOS apps are always compatible with the latest iOS version to ensure the best possible user experience.

Thereby, we maximize the life-time of your hardware and software investment.

Unparalleled 24/7 support

Our customers can expect no less than 24/7 support. We ensure that any upcoming questions, application support or inquiries are answered within a few minutes, latest within one business day.

We believe that immediate qualified support is the key to customer satisfaction.

Global coverage

Supporting satellite technology is essential to provide truly global tracking capability. By using satellite technology you personnel, vehicles or assets can be tracked wherever they are and without relying on any local infrastructure.

Modern and unique features

Our goal is to provide the features that your work-flow or business case require. In cooperation with our customers we developed tools to support the daily tasks of security providers and organizations such as spot systems, journey management forms and real-time tools/instant messengers, to exchange information with teams on the ground.

Valued Customers

Al-Murabit Security Services

Al-Murabit Security Services supports companies to successfully trade in Iraq. Our partner relies on GeoC Pro for daily security tasks.

Global Risk and Security Consultancy Company

GeoC Pro is the primary system in central and southern Iraq for tracking, monitoring, mapping, messaging and journey management.